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Class Information

Class Primary Archetype Secondary Archetype Required Permission
Abjurer Thought Cunning Hermetic Education
Hermetic Education You’ve been trained in the proper handling and application of magic. In addition to a theoretical understanding of magic, you can draw circles to contain magical forces. Passive, Skill Roll <Mechanics>

The Abjurer is a specialist in hunting down rogue mages or dangerous supernatural creatures. Most are trappers by nature, given the unpredictable and dangerous nature of their prey. Abjurers carry a set of rings to use as impromptu magic circles or whips.


  • Air Barrier- A wall of hardened air, requiring a roll of +2 Physique or greater to escape from.
  • Fire Barrier- A wall of flame that inflicts 2 physical stress when trespassed.
  • Dark Barrier- A wall of darkness blinds those within the circle.
  • Silent Barrier- A soundproof wall isolates the inside of the barrier from the outside.

Note: Supernatural creatures caught in a magic circle must roll against the creator’s circle to escape. Mundane creatures may simply walk out, unless an abjurer has empowered the barrier with some physical obstacle (like fire or hardened air). Anyone with the Eldritch Font permission counts as a magical creature. Hermetic Education spell casters may be trapped depending on the nature of their magic (i.e. an Enchanter could walk out, but her magic sword could not).

Starting Stunts

Lay Abjurer [Requires Hermetic Education] You gain access to a set of Abjurer’s Rings, a set of enchanted metal rings each roughly the size of a large metal coin. The rings can individually work as magic circles, or may be linked to create other objects. Common choices are larger magic circles, whips, or lassos. When an Abjurer uses his rings to produce a magic circle, the circle has a strength equal to their Knowledge or Will skill, whichever is higher.
Counterspell [Requires Hermetic Education] You may defend against magical attacks with Knowledge in cases where you would instead have to use Reaction Time or Will.
Abjurer [Requires Lay Abjurer and Counterspell] Choose two barriers from the Abjurer’s barrier list. You may cast one of these barriers on any magic circle you touch at a cost of one Mental stress. The Mental stress cost is waived if a supernatural creature is trapped within.

Class Specific Stunts

Additional Barrier [Requires Abjurer] Learn another barrier from the Abjurer’s barrier list, or create a new one with GM permission.
Combination Barrier [Requires Abjurer] Activate two barriers at once, incurring twice the mental stress cost (a supernatural creature voids the cost).
Perpetual Barrier [Requires Abjurer] Spend a Fate Point to make a barrier permanent, provided it either contains a supernatural creature or has a power source to draw upon. Does not consume Abjurer's Rings.