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Battle Cunning Thought Charm
Fighter Rogue Scholar Diplomat
Barbarian Assassin Sage Spy
Knight Gleeman Tactician Chevalier
Sorcerer Druid Summoner Namer
Monster Enchanter Abjurer Priest
Warrior Monk Ranger Wizard Skald
Specialist Classes
Soldier Thief Mage Leader
Martial Artist Wanderer Loremaster Performer

Class Information

Class Primary Archetype Secondary Archetype Required Permission
Druid Cunning Thought Eldritch Font
Eldritch Font Magic exposure has significantly less effect on you, and you are able to manipulate raw magic by force of will. Passive, Skill Roll <Will>

The Druid follows an old tradition of spellcasting, one that predates modern Wizards and their ilk. Druids draw their power from the land itself (whether the land likes it or not). Some seek to establish a balance between humanity and the world, while others tend strongly to one side.

Druidic Magic:

  • Entangle- Wild flora come forth from the ground and grapple up to three enemies. Enemies must beat a +2 using a relevant skill to move.
  • Refresh- Clears two points of physical stress from the target. Cannot remove injuries. Requires physical contact.
  • Command Animal- Attempt to command a nearby animal. Roll the Druid’s Command skill against the animal’s Will. The order must be simple enough for the animal to understand. Can be used against swarms of insects.
  • Purify- Banish toxins and raw magic from a living creature. Can also be used on water. Cannot be used on manufactured items.
  • Barkskin- Ignore one damage from the next two physical attacks that harm you. Dissipates otherwise after two hours.
  • Decay- Wither all nearby plant life and rust all nearby metals on touch. Has little effect on living animals, but will accelerate the rate of decay in corpses.

Starting Stunts

Forest Friend Gain a +2 to Survival rolls related to animal handling.
Lay Druid [Requires Eldritch Font] Choose one spell from the Druid's spell list. You may cast this spell by spending one mental stress.
Druid [Requires Lay Druid and Forest Friend] Choose two more spells from the Druid's spell list.

Class Specific Stunts

Empowered Spell [Requires Druid] Choose a specific known spell to improve. This spell receives a +1 to all mechanical benefits or a different bonus agreed upon by the GM.
Animal Speech [Requires Druid] Gain the ability to speak to animals, as though you were a Ranger.
Animal Companion [Requires Animal Speech] Gain an Animal Companion, as though you were a Ranger.
New Spell [Requires Druid] Choose another spell from the Druid list to learn. Or, create a new spell with the GM's approval.