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Class Information

Class Primary Archetype Secondary Archetype Required Permission
Enchanter Cunning Thought Hermetic Education
Hermetic Education You’ve been trained in the proper handling and application of magic. In addition to a theoretical understanding of magic, you can draw circles to contain magical forces. Passive, Skill Roll <Mechanics>

The Enchanter forsakes spells for the benefit and relative stability of empowered equipment. They carry a set of tools and a craftsman's pride, as well as a few especially useful creations. Many travel the world searching for places of power where they might siphon off energies to forge new creations.

Imbue: Enchanters knows how to imbue items with magical energy. The quality of the enchantment is dependent on the average of a Will roll, a Knowledge roll, and a Mechanics roll.

Enchantment requires at least a full day as well as a place of strong magical energy. Enchantment puts a minor mental Injury on the Enchanter which cannot be treated and lasts at least one session. The effects of enchanting are dependent on the nature of the location. For instance, a noxious swamp is liable to produce a blade that oozes poison. Only one item may be enchanted per location (until such time that the location replenishes itself).


  • Wand- The wand can replicate one spell from the Wizard’s spell list twice per session. There is no mental stress cost for using the wand.
  • Elemental Weapon- A melee weapon that permanently has some particular elemental affinity, like fire or ice. Deals one extra damage on successful hits.
  • Power Ammunition- A ranged weapon that can shoot exploding ammo by spending a Fate Point.
  • Warded Shield- A shield that can greatly reduce the damage from an attack by spending a Fate Point.
  • Necklace of Water Breathing- A necklace that stores air and lets its wearer breathe underwater for ten minutes at a time.
  • Lesser Bag of Holding- A bag that's bigger on the inside than the outside and halves the weight of whatever is put in it. Holds roughly 25 sq. ft. of stuff.
  • Rod of Respite- Twice per session, can clear out three points of Physical Stress (but not injuries).
  • Lesser Immovable Rod- A rod that, when activated, is locked in place (possibly even floating). The rod requires great force to move (similar to a 300 lb. boulder). It deactivates after sixty seconds.
  • Skeleton Key- Unlocks any mundane lock, three times a day.
  • Cloak of Shadows- A cloak that blends in with shadows. Makes the wearer nearly invisible when standing still in a shadow. Can be reversed to appear as a normal cloak.
  • Powder of Sleep- Twice per session, can attempt to put a target to sleep. The target must roll Will above the user's Mechanics skill to stay awake (the user does not roll).

Unless otherwise specified, only the Enchanter may use an enchanted item from the arsenal list.

Starting Stunts

Artisan You may use Knowledge instead of Mechanics when creating things (but not when fixing them).
Lay Enchanter [Requires Hermetic Education] Choose one item from the Enchanter's Arsenal table.
Enchanter [Requires Hermetic Education] Gain the ability to enchant items, and choose one additional item from the Enchanter's Arsenal, or create your own with GM discretion.

Class Specific Stunts

Improved Arsenal [Requires Enchanter] The Enchanter's chosen arsenal item is improved in some way, subject to GM discretion.
Unmake [Requires Enchanter] The enchanter can disenchant items in a process similar to enchanment, harvesting the item's essence for use in enchanting.
Golem [Requires Enchanter] The Enchanter creates an enchanted machine that follows basic orders, similar to a Summoner's minion (+1 to Battle skills). The golem can be healed using the Mechanics skill, and if destroyed, takes a full week to recreate.