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Battle Cunning Thought Charm
Fighter Rogue Scholar Diplomat
Barbarian Assassin Sage Spy
Knight Gleeman Tactician Chevalier
Sorcerer Druid Summoner Namer
Monster Enchanter Abjurer Priest
Warrior Monk Ranger Wizard Skald
Specialist Classes
Soldier Thief Mage Leader
Martial Artist Wanderer Loremaster Performer

Class Information

This class is a specialist class, and follows different rules for character creation. See Specialist Classes for details.

Class Skill Stunt Stunt Description
Leader Command Assistance Allies may use your Command skill for the purposes of determining Teamwork. You must explicitly facilitate this in some way (i.e. spending your turn helping).

The Leader is someone that others naturally gravitate towards. Their skill at Commanding makes them useful for many endeavors, though most have an area of expertise. They are often found at the heart of organizations, managing others through respect or fear.

Class Archetypes

Captain Menace
Mastermind Contingency
Guardian Protect
Reaction Time
Chieftain Herbalism
Courtier Razor Wit

Class Specific Stunts

Menace Roll Combat instead of Provoke for the purposes of intimidating targets
Contingency When you or an ally would otherwise take an injury, you may spend a Fate Point to declare that it doesn’t happen. You do not need to be present for this ability to work, but you must be involved in some way.
Protect Roll Reaction Time in place of an adjacent ally once per turn, absorbing an attack meant for another. This does use your turn.
Herbalism Use Survival in place of Medical when treating Physical injuries. Must have access to medicinal herbs.
Razor Wit You may attack with Provoke instead of Combat, provided that the target can be affected by feints (enemies like gelationus cubes or mindless zombies would not be included.)
Strong Presence [Require Assistance] Use Command instead of Will to determine the mental stress track.
Social Network [Requires Assistance] Spend a Fate Point to declare that you have a contact who may be of some assistance to the task at hand. The contact knows you, but is not necessarily inclined to help, or may require reimbursement for any aid rendered.
Hard Stare [Requires Assistance] Once per battle, defend against an attack using Command instead of Reaction Time.