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Battle Cunning Thought Charm
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Specialist Classes
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Class Information

This class is a specialist class, and follows different rules for character creation. See Specialist Classes for details.

Class Skill Stunt Stunt Description
Mage Will Sixth Sense When determining initiative in fights, roll Will instead of Reaction Time.

The Mage is a magic user that exists outside the established dogma of magical traditions. Their Art, whatever its origins, allows them to emulate the techniques of other casters.

All mages must have a permission that justifies their spell casting (Hermetic Education or Eldritch Font). Mages may take Lay Magic stunts that do not match their permission. They may not take the full-fledged version of any magical tradition, but are welcome to develop their own later in the game.

Class Archetypes

Spellslinger Lay Sorcerer
Reaction Time
Nightblade Lay Enchanter
Naturalist Lay Druid
Arcanist Lay Wizard
Glamour Lay Skald

Class Specific Stunts

Lay Sorcerer You gain the ability to throw elemental blasts using the Combat skill. You must choose the type of blast when taking this stunt. Every use of this ability costs one Mental stress.
Lay Enchanter Choose one item from the Enchanter's Arsenal table.
Lay Druid Choose one spell from the Druid's spell list. You may cast this spell by spending one mental stress.
Lay Wizard Choose one spell from the Wizard’s spell list. You may cast this spell by spending one mental stress.
Lay Skald Once per battle, you may influence the roll of an ally or enemy by 1. You must be able to see the target, and the target must be able to hear you. This action does not use a turn.
Mage Hierarchy [Require Sixth Sense] Use Will instead of Command when ordering mages and for using Teamwork with mages.
Ward Activation [Requires Sixth Sense] Spend a Fate Point to negate the effects of a spell. Only affects the user (i.e. can't defend others from a fireball).
Spell Parry [Requires Sixth Sense] Defend against physical magical attacks with Will instead of Reaction Time.