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Battle Cunning Thought Charm
Fighter Rogue Scholar Diplomat
Barbarian Assassin Sage Spy
Knight Gleeman Tactician Chevalier
Sorcerer Druid Summoner Namer
Monster Enchanter Abjurer Priest
Warrior Monk Ranger Wizard Skald
Specialist Classes
Soldier Thief Mage Leader
Martial Artist Wanderer Loremaster Performer

Class Information

Class Primary Archetype Secondary Archetype Required Permission
Monster Battle Cunning Eldritch Font
Eldritch Font Magic exposure has significantly less effect on you, and you are able to manipulate raw magic by force of will. Passive, Skill Roll <Will>

The Monster is hardly human, having traded their humanity for power. Monsters grow as they slay terrible beasts, gradually evolving into something more dangerous than their prey.

Stared Into the Abyss: Monsters may acquire new abilities killing powerful supernatural enemies and absorbing their essence. Every new ability comes with both a benefit and a catch (see below list for examples). Monsters do not earn new stunts as they level up. They do still earn Skill Points.

First Kill: Monsters may choose one of the following as a starting ability:

  • Manticore’s Spikes- Melee attackers that fail their attack rolls against you take one damage from your spikes. Grapples automatically deal one damage against enemies. Athletics is permanently reduced by one, as the spikes make movement unwieldy. 
  • Troll’s Regeneration- Injuries heal at twice the normal speed, and you heal one Physical Stress point every two rounds in combat. The touch of metal burns your flesh, and metallic weapons deal one extra damage on successful hits.
  • Basilisk's Venom- Spend a Fate Point to spray corrosive acid from your mouth at nearby enemies. Any that roll Reaction Time below +2 take an immediate Physical Injury. You roll -1 at all skills in the Charm archetype except Provoke and can never share a tender kiss with anyone other than a basilisk.
  • Revenant's Hate- Check off the highest marked stress box whenever you take out an enemy. Gain a +2 to Will saves against mental attacks and illusions. Lose your Minor Mental Injury slot from having to continuously suppress the never-ending hatred inside (mental injuries start at Moderate).

Starting Stunts

Stared Into the Abyss [Monster Only] You no longer gain stunts when leveling up. However, you may learn new stunts by killing powerful enemies.
First Kill [Monster Only] Choose a stunt from the Monster's First Kill list, or come up with one on your own with GM permission.
Predator Use Combat instead of Stealth when tailing prey.

Class Specific Stunts