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No Required Permission Classes


Name: Erick of Torms
High Concept: A Good Man, But a Better Killer
Trouble: Cursed With Madness
Class: Barbarian [Battle/Cunning]
Permission: Possession
Physical [] [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Mental [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Specialist (+3) Physique
Trained (+2) Combat, Athletics, Reaction Time, Survival
Proficient (+1) Notice, Mechanics, Stealth
Menace Roll Combat instead of Provoke for the purposes of intimidating targets.
Bloodlust [Requires Menace] Clear the highest filled stress box (Physical or Mental) on your sheet upon taking out an enemy.
Indomitable [Requries Bloodlust] Ignore the negative effects of minor injuries.
Possession You are possessed by some otherworldly force. While helpful at times, it’s also bothersome. Supernatural attacks on your mind always fail.


Name: Sara de'Gale
High Concept: Exiled Court Jester
Trouble: Takes Jokes Too Far
Class: Gleeman [Cunning/Charm]
Permission: Fairy Blood
Physical [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Mental [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Specialist (+3) Stealth
Trained (+2) Mechanics, Survival, Notice, Provoke
Proficient (+1) Persuade, Counsel, Command
Bag of Tricks Once per day, declare that you have a useful item as if you had spent a Fate Point to do so.
Tools of the Trade [Smoke Bomb] Once per session, roll Stealth to hide in the middle of combat.
Tools of the Trade [Kafta Leaf] Once per day, chew a bitter Kafta Leaf to clear out one Physical stress and one Mental stress. Does not affect injuries. Cannot be used by anyone other than the Gleeman.
Performer [Acrobat] Use Stealth in place of Athletics for movement.
Fairy Blood You are descended in part from the Fairer Folk. Most metals burn your skin, but your unusual heritage lets you bend light to make illusions. Variable mental stress cost.


Name: Melanie Ridwell
High Concept: Wild West Lawman
Trouble: Justice At Any Cost
Class: Tactician [Thought/Combat]
Permission: Storied Weapon [Sherman's Sabre]
Physical [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Mental [] [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Specialist (+3) Will
Trained (+2) Knowledge, Investigate, Medical, Physique
Proficient (+1) Combat, Athletics, Reaction Time
Quick Mind You may use Investigate in a fraction of the time it takes others. In combat, this translates to being able to use Investigate once per round of combat without expending your turn.
Art of War In addition to the usual benefits of using Investigate on an enemy combatant, you gain a free +2 token against that specific enemy. This token may be spent to improve a defensive or offensive roll related to that enemy. An enemy may only be investigated once, and may be investigated before a battle.
Predictive Fighting [Requires Quick Mind and Art of War] Against an enemy you have investigated, you may add half your Investigate skill (rounded down) to Combat and Reaction Time rolls.
Storied Weapon Sherman was a military general known for his belief in Total War, the idea that war should be fought as brutally as possible to make it as short as possible. His sabre is a symbol of this belief.

The wielder of Sherman’s Sabre may use Will instead of Combat to attack. They may also spend a Fate Point to escalate an injury (Minor->Moderate->Severe) upon inflicting it. However, they must kill any enemy struck with the sabre by the end of the battle. Failure to do so will incur a Mental Injury on the wielder for each survivor.

Like any storied weapon, the Sabre may be recognized on sight by those familiar with its legend. The general impression of this weapon is negative.


Name: Ferris Cibber
High Concept: Disgraced Prince
Trouble: An Utter Fop
Class: Chevalier [Charm/Combat]
Permission: Blacktongue
Physical [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Mental [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Specialist (+3) Provoke
Trained (+2) Persuade, Command, Counsel, Reaction Time
Proficient (+1) Combat, Athletics, Physique
Razor Wit You may attack with Provoke instead of Combat, provided that the target can be affected by feints (enemies like gelationus cubes or mindless zombies would not be included.)
Mind Games [Requires Razor Wit] On a successful attack roll using Razor Wit, inflict one Mental stress in addition to any physical damage.
Cutting Deep [Requires Mind Games] You may choose to inflict Mental stress instead of Physical stress when using Mind Games. The attack is still defended against using Reaction Time.
Blacktongue You can speak with the dead, or at least an echo of who they were.

Your particular ritual is by right of noble blood. You must Command the dead to speak, with increasing difficulty the longer they've been dead.