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Battle Cunning Thought Charm
Fighter Rogue Scholar Diplomat
Barbarian Assassin Sage Spy
Knight Gleeman Tactician Chevalier
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Monster Enchanter Abjurer Priest
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Specialist Classes
Soldier Thief Mage Leader
Martial Artist Wanderer Loremaster Performer

Open Classes


Name: Ava Valone
High Concept: Adventurous Freelance Spellsword
Trouble: No Sense of Caution
Class: Fighter [Battle/Thought]
Permission: Hermetic Education
Physical [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Mental [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Specialist (+3) Combat
Trained (+2) Physique, Athletics, Reaction Time, Knowledge
Proficient (+1) Will, Investigate, Medical
Lay Wizard [Burning Hands] [Requires Hermetic Education] Choose one spell from the Wizard’s spell list. You may cast this spell by spending one mental stress.
Lay Enchanter [Fire Sword] [Requires Hermetic Education] Choose one item from the Enchanter's Arsenal table.

The fire sword deals one additional point of damage on a successful hit.

Flaming Sword [Requires Burning Hands and Lay Enchanter] May cast Burning Hands and attack with the fire sword at the same time.
Hermetic Education You’ve been trained in the proper handling and application of magic. In addition to a theoretical understanding of magic, you can draw circles to contain magical forces.


Name: Arthur Heragon
High Concept: Grimoir Thief
Trouble: Humorless and Impersonal
Class: Rogue [Cunning/Combat]
Permission: Unmagic
Physical [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Mental [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Specialist (+3) Notice
Trained (+2) Mechanics, Survival, Stealth, Reaction Time
Proficient (+1) Combat, Athletics, Physique
Unravel [Requires Unmagic] Use Mechanics to dispel magical wards and devices.
Unusual Entrances and Exits Gain a +2 to Athletics when rolling to break into (or out of) a place.
Flashy Entrances and Exits [Requires Unusual Entrances and Exits] Twice per session, you may choose to either roll Stealth to hide in the middle of combat or roll Stealth to make a sudden appearance in an area accessible to you. Both actions involve the use of a flash bang.
Unmagic You are anathema to magic. It withers and dies when touching you.


Name: Evret "the Great"
High Concept: Renowned Mad Scientist
Trouble: God Complex
Class: Scholar [Thought/Cunning]
Permission: Alchemist
Physical [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Mental [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Specialist (+3) Knowledge
Trained (+2) Will, Investigate, Medical, Mechanics
Proficient (+1) Notice, Stealth, Survival
Greek Fire [Requires Alchemist] Twice per session, pull a small bottle of Greek Fire from your pack. Greek Fire acts as normal fire (gives off heat and light, deals 2 stress to anyone in it) but cannot be put out. Greek Fire burns for as many rounds as the user has Knowledge.
Jungle Juice [Requires Alchemist] Once per session, pull a small bottle of Jungle Juice from your pack. Jungle juice immediately clears out all stress (physical and mental) when consumed, but inflicts a minor physical injury when its effects wear off (~ 10 minutes).
Teacher's Demeanor Use Knowledge instead of Persuade when convincing someone of a fact you know. You must have strong confidence in the fact to use this stunt, and take a minor Mental Injury (reflecting your wounded pride) if it is proven untrue.
Alchemist You know how to make useful things out of rare plants and strange creatures. Effects will vary.


Name: Georgio Li'Cairn
High Concept: World's Most Dangerous Secretary
Trouble: Follows Rules to a T
Class: Diplomat [Charm/Thought]
Permission: Precognition
Physical [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Mental [] [] [] Mild Moderate Severe
Specialist (+3) Counsel
Trained (+2) Persuade, Command, Provoke, Knowledge
Proficient (+1) Investigate, Medical, Will
Empath You may use Counsel in place of Investigate on human targets.
Art of War In addition to the usual benefits of using Investigate on an enemy combatant, you gain a free +2 token against that specific enemy. This token may be spent to improve a defensive or offensive roll related to that enemy. An enemy may only be investigated once, and may be investigated before a battle.
Burecrat Gain a +1 to any Charm skill when using it in alignment with the law. For this stunt to be active, the action in question must be explicitly supported by the law (even if through a loophole).
Precognition You have the ability to see into the infinite possibilities of the future. Unfortunately, you can only go a few seconds before your sanity starts to fray and details are difficult. Fortunately, that’s often enough to get an edge in combat. Mental stress cost.