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Permissions are distinct from stunts in that they make things possible rather than improving on preexisting abilities. Permissions extend what a character is capable of. They are what allow Wizards and Druids to cast spells, or give Sorcerer's the power to throw fireballs. The nature of permissions is to be more narrative than mechanic. They allow rather than describe.

Permissions are broken down into two-categories: Class Permissions and General Permissions. Class Permissions are required for certain classes (i.e. Wizards must take Hermetic Education). General Permissions consist of all others.

  • A player that chooses a class without a Permission requirement may choose any Permission, including Class Permissions.
  • Stunts may be used to expand on the utility of Permissions. For instance, Unmagic might be expanded to include a character's weapon as well as their own body. GM's have final say on whether a stunt is allowed.
  • Permissions are an excellent opportunity to build a character's backstory. If a Knight takes Storied Weapon, then that begs the question of how he came to possess the weapon. GM's might choose to use these backstories as plot hooks.

Class Permissions

Name Description Type
Chi Mastery You’ve undergone the initiation ceremony for an order of warrior monks, having trained body and mind in a way that renders you some control over magic near your body. A few moments of meditation allows you to clear one point of Physical and Mental stress (but not injuries). Passive
Eldritch Font Magic exposure has significantly less effect on you, and you are able to manipulate raw magic by force of will. Passive, Skill Roll <Will>
Hermetic Education You’ve been trained in the proper handling and application of magic. In addition to a theoretical understanding of magic, you can draw circles to contain magical forces. Passive, Skill Roll <Mechanics>
Natural Empathy You have learned the ways of the Rangers, foresters who develop a mystical connection with the land itself. You can speak with animals and have a general sense of nature augmented by your survival skill. Passive, Skill Roll <Survival>

General Permissions

Name Description Type
Alchemist You know how to make useful things out of rare plants and strange creatures. Effects will vary. Skill Roll <Knowledge>,

Skill Roll <Mechanics>

Amulet of Power You have a necklace that glows when exposed to magic. Magical creatures are uncomfortable in its presence, and it can be used to forcibly repel them. Where the necklace comes from, how it works, and what it means to the rest of the world is left to be discovered. Passive,

Fate Point Activation

Black Key You have a small iron key that can turn any door into a portal into another dimension. Things thrown into this dimension disappear (to the best of your knowledge). You may attempt to traverse this dimension to any other door you've ever seen, but the trip usually brings you within a hair's breadth of death. Passive
Blacktongue You can speak with the dead, or at least an echo of who they were. The specifics of how you go about this might involve a ritual, or might only work on fresh corpses. Passive
Blood Magic Following the laws of equivalent exchange, you can trade blood for power. Inflicting an injury on a willing sacrifice allows you to channel unnatural energies. What you do with those unnatural energies is as of yet unknown. Physical Injury Cost
Carnie Magic You are so good at misdirection that you occasionally fool the universe. A lie spoken with enough conviction can make the improbable happen, or at least convince everyone (yourself included) that it did. Fate Point Activation,

Skill Roll <Stealth>,

Skill Roll <Persuade>

Cursed An entity of great power has marked you with their curse or blessing. The result is a supernatural affliction that you may work towards your benefit. Discuss the specifics with your GM. See this page for ideas. Passive
Empowered Tattoos Your body is covered in magical tattoos that can grant you great strength and resilience in times of need. Fate Point Activation
Entropist You can rewind or fast-forward time in a small space, potentially healing wounds or mending things. Doing so takes a significant toll on you however. Mental Stress Cost
Fairy Blood You are descended in part from the Fairer Folk. Most metals burn your skin, but your unusual heritage lets you bend light to make illusions. Passive,

Mental Stress Cost

Hell's Bell A large silver bell that produces one of several magical effects when rung. Making everyone (including the wielder) fall asleep, rendering the nearby area silent for an hour, and shattering metal are the few you know of, but you don't know how to specify which effect will occur. Fate Point Activation
Mystic Cards You have a pack of cards (playing cards or tarot cards) that you can't get rid of. No matter what happens, they reappear in your possession after a few hours. The cards act as normal cards unless you focus your will before drawing one, in which case the card will affect reality in an unpredictable way. Fate Point Activation
Possession You are possessed by some otherworldly force. While helpful at times, it’s also bothersome. Supernatural attacks on your mind always fail. Passive
Precognition You have the ability to see into the infinite possibilities of the future. Unfortunately, you can only go a few seconds before your sanity starts to fray and details are difficult. Fortunately, that’s often enough to get an edge in combat. Mental Stress Cost
Probability You can nudge probability in one direction or the other. However, karma will eventually see the scales balanced. No Cost
Regeneration You heal unnaturally fast, able to recover from injuries at twice the speed of a normal human. Those who witness it can’t help but wonder why... Passive
Shadowdancing You are close friends with the shadows, able to walk through them to other shadows. The further the distance, the more difficult the walk. Mental Stress Cost
Spirit Animal A supernatural force watches over you. It guides your path in times of great need and protects against mind-affecting magic. Passive
Spirit's Name You know the True Name of a powerful spirit, and can call upon it for aid. Be warned, no favor is for free. The GM and player determine the nature of the spirit. Passive
Storied Weapon You have a storied weapon with strong magical properties and an even stronger reputation. The specifics of this are up to you and the GM. Varies
Talking Sword Your sword talks. Why? Try asking it. It might know some unusual things. In addition to be sentient, your sword is impossible to break and never loses its edge. Passive
Undying You are incredibly hard to kill. Death just doesn’t seem to stick. That being said, injuries do, and there are fates worse than death… Passive
Unholy Sword A weapon that gives off an air of evil when unsheathed. All nearby creatures except the wielder must roll Will to avoid being frightened. May do other things as well... Passive
Unmagic You are anathema to magic. It withers and dies when touching you. Passive
Warded Strangling Cord You have a small silver cord with some presence of mind. It normally sleeps on your wrist but will react to danger, possibly even attacking enemies. Magic seems to bounce right off it for whatever reason. Passive