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Random Injury Table

When players take more damage than they can absorb with Stress, they take an Injury. The specifics of the Injury is determined by the GM.

It can be difficult for GM's to come up with injuries on the fly. These tables are for GM's that aren't sure what to do. It's recommended that the GM roll two or three times and pick the Injury they like most. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and is only intended to jog the GM's imagination.


d20 Anatomy d4 Minor Moderate Severe
1 Main Hand 1 Sprained Fractured Broken
2 Off Hand 2 Cut Lacerated Shredded
3 Ankle 3 Pulled Ruptured Torn
4 Knee 4 Punctured Pierced Hollowed
5-6 Chest/Shoulders
7 Face Specific Situations
8 Back of Head Burned Infected Decaying
9 Groin Frozen Infested Smashed
10 Back
11 Butt
12 Hip
13 Eye
14 Mouth
15 Top of Head
16 Nose
17 Ear
18-19 Stomach/Ribs
20 Leg


d10 Minor Moderate Severe
1 Distraught Overwrought Out of Control
2 Headache Migrane Crippling Migrane
3 Angered Wrathful Desperately Sadistic
4 Rambling Gibbering Speaking in Tongues
5 Manic Panicked Frenzied
6 Shaken Concussed Heavily Concussed
7 Dazed Shellshocked Incoherent
8 Nauseous Incapacitated Incontinence
9 Fatalistic Despairing Nihilistic
10 Fatigued Exhausted Lifeless