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Battle Cunning Thought Charm
Fighter Rogue Scholar Diplomat
Barbarian Assassin Sage Spy
Knight Gleeman Tactician Chevalier
Sorcerer Druid Summoner Namer
Monster Enchanter Abjurer Priest
Warrior Monk Ranger Wizard Skald
Specialist Classes
Soldier Thief Mage Leader
Martial Artist Wanderer Loremaster Performer

Class Information

Class Primary Archetype Secondary Archetype Required Permission
Ranger Cunning Battle Natural Empathy
Natural Empathy You have learned the ways of the Rangers, foresters who develop a mystical connection with the land itself. You can speak with animals and feel the presence of other nearby creatures. Passive, Skill Roll <Survival>

Rangers are known by their beasts, powerful and unusually intelligent animals who live beside them. They are also recognized for their unnatural skill at forestry.

Animal Companion:

The animal companion is treated as having +1 in all Combat and Cunning skills, and +2 in two specialty skills:

  • Bears (Combat, Physique)
  • Wolves (Combat, Investigate)
  • Birds (Notice, Investigate)
  • Raccoons (Stealth, Mechanics)
  • Cougars (Combat, Stealth)

Starting Stunts

Forest Friend Gain a +2 to Survival rolls related to animal handling.
Herbalism Use Survival in place of Medical when treating Physical injuries. Must have access to medicinal plants.
Ranger [Requires Forest Friend, Herbalism, and Natural Empathy] Rangers are allied with an animal companion that is more intelligent and powerful than most specimens of its race. The animal companion trusts the Ranger implicitly and will follow orders in most circumstances. Rangers also gain the maximum benefit of Teamwork with their animal companion, regardless of their Command skill. See the table above for common animals.

Class Specific Stunts

Lay Druid [Requires Eldritch Font or Ranger] You may choose one spell from the Druid spell list to cast at a cost of one mental stress.
Synergy [Requires Ranger] Choose one of your animal companion's skills. Both you and your companion gain a permanent +1 to that skill.
Training [Requires Ranger] Your animal companion becomes more powerful. All their Battle archetype skills increase by +1.