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Simple Session Ideas

This section has a few scenarios good for one-shots and feeling out the system.

Fortress Assault

Plain and simple. There's a fortress over there, and you've been hired to sack it. Do you go in guns a'blazing? Do you try stealth and diplomacy? Or something wholly unexpected?

Staff the fortress with ten to twenty mooks, a couple mini-bosses, and some traps. Make sure there's more than one way for the players to get in.

Fortress Defense

Remember that fortress you sacked last week? Now you're in charge of defending it and the drunken recluse that runs it. You have ten mooks under your command, a few traps, and three days to make this place ready for a raid.

The enemy should have a few mooks (a necromancer mini-boss is a good way to handle this) and a rival party of adventurers leading them. Let the players know what's around the fortress. Is there a nearby village to find recruits? A forest that can be scouted for assets? Or maybe a secret underground chamber in the fortress itself?