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Battle Cunning Thought Charm
Fighter Rogue Scholar Diplomat
Barbarian Assassin Sage Spy
Knight Gleeman Tactician Chevalier
Sorcerer Druid Summoner Namer
Monster Enchanter Abjurer Priest
Warrior Monk Ranger Wizard Skald
Specialist Classes
Soldier Thief Mage Leader
Martial Artist Wanderer Loremaster Performer

Class Information

Class Primary Archetype Secondary Archetype Required Permission
Spy Charm Any None

Spies can be found in any line of work. Some are soldiers, others mages or priests, but none are trustworthy. They possess some of the abilities of their alias, though never to the fullest extent.

Players playing as Spies are advised not to inform the rest of their party, instead passing themselves off as one of the four open classes (Fighter, Rogue, Scholar, Diplomat). Anyone (player or otherwise) that discovers their true class gains a permanent +2 against their Charm skills. Those who are aware of the spy's secret may also tell others, spreading the benefit.

Starting Stunts

Two-Faced Once per day, reroll a Persuade attempt and take the better result.
Hard to Pin Down Once per fight, reroll a Reaction Time attempt without spending a Fate Point. Take the new result (not necessarily the better result).
Alias [Requires Two-Faced and Hard to Pin Down] Choose a class from an Archetype you have (Charm or your Secondary Archetype) that you meet the permission requirements for. Gain the first two stunts listed under that class' "Starting Stunts" section. You may never take the third stunt for that class. You may not use the Monster class.

Anyone who discovers your alias gains a permanent +2 resistance against your charm skills and the ability to tell others about your nature.

Class Specific Stunts