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Battle Cunning Thought Charm
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Class Information

Class Primary Archetype Secondary Archetype Required Permission
Wizard Thought <Player's Choice> Hermetic Education
Hermetic Education You’ve been trained in the proper handling and application of magic. In addition to a theoretical understanding of magic, you can draw circles to contain magical forces. Passive, Skill Roll <Mechanics>

The Wizard is the most recognizable of the Hermetic magic users. They use spells to channel magical energy towards very specific tasks. Beyond that, Wizards also have a strong understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of magic.

Wizard Magic:

  • Magic Missile- Roll Knowledge instead of Combat to make a ranged attack against an enemy.
  • Burning Hands- Envelop an area with flames, dealing two physical stress to any that fail to pass a +2 Reaction Time roll.
  • Grease- Cover an area in a slick oily substance that takes a +2 Athletics roll or better to cross.
  • Mage Armor- Increase target's Reaction Time rolls against attacks by +1 for the duration of a battle.
  • Dispel- Attempt to disrupt magic by rolling Knowledge against it.
  • Knock- Attempt to unlock a lock using Knowledge instead of Mechanics.

Starting Stunts

Lay Wizard [Requires Hermetic Education] Choose one spell from the Wizard’s spell list. You may cast this spell by spending one mental stress.
Arcane Scholar [Requires Hermetic Education or Eldritch Font] Gain a +2 to Knowledge rolls related to magic.
Wizard [Requires Lay Wizard and Arcane Scholar] Choose two more spells from the Wizard list to learn.

Class Specific Stunts

Empowered Spell Choose a specific known spell to improve. This spell receives a +1 to all mechanical benefits, or a different bonus determined by the player and GM.
Combined Spell Choose two known spells to mix, creating a new spell (i.e. Burning Missiles, Dispelling Grease).
New Spell Choose another spell from the Wizard list to learn. Or, create a new spell with the GM's approval.